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About Flower Crown Kombucha

Our Story

The idea of Flower Crown Kombucha was planted in our lead brewer’s heart ever since he first tried the delicious beverage back in 2011. Since then, Phil has been perfecting the art of brewing kombucha with hundreds of test batches. Sharing his passion and artistic craft for brewing with his friends and family, soon word spread of his perfectly blended and bold tasting flavors.


When he moved to Tampa in 2016 and met his two future business partners, he knew Tampa was the perfect place to let the dream flourish. The three planted roots in Tampa Heights to open Tampa’s first kombucha tap room. Building custom fermenters, designing specialized equipment, and crafting new and unique flavors, this team has set-out to deliver excellence and create joy with every glass poured. The vision that started a decade ago is now becoming a sophisticated and entertaining local spot for all to enjoy kombucha.


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Alex R.

"If you think you hate kombucha, come to Flower Crown. I can't believe how much I enjoyed each flavor. Fresh, refreshing, and not too funky, the pineapple and chai flavors were delicious and went down easy. I picked up a 6 pack with 2 cans filled right there and then. Phil was incredibly friendly and made the whole experience enjoyable for a former kombucha hater. I'll definitely be back. Thanks so much!"

Constance C.

"I love the tranquil atmosphere here. Their outdoor patio is beautiful and allows natural light to flow through the whole space. The indoor and outdoor waterfalls further add to the feeling of serenity. Flower Crown’s atmosphere is one of wellness and peacefulness, which perfectly complements their delicious and nutritious kombucha! My shop of choice now that I’m working remotely."

John C.

This place is awesome! The atmosphere is really cool and comfortable. The Kombucha is fantastic in my opinion! I didn't even like Kombucha before coming to Flower Crown, but as soon as I tried the mango flavor, I was shocked how good it was. Staff are super friendly as well. Location is great and is easy walking distance from the Riverwalk. Highly recommend.
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